Omron Tens Therapy Device HVF 127 + Long Life Pad

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The Omron Tens Therapy Device HVF 127 + Long Life Pad offers effective pain relief of muscle injuries and tension using Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator (TENS) technology. Features 9 Automatic Therapy Modes, Single channel output and gel free adhesive pads for clean, simple use. 

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Omron HV-F127 TENS Therapy Device
Compact in its design, the Omron HV-F127 is a simple to use TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator) device.  With one touch operation, a user can easily select one of the 9 automatic therapy modes.  The development of Omron’s Long Life Pads means that no messy gels are required to use this device.

Product Features

  • Relief of pain
  • Management of muscular injuries
  • 9 Automatic therapy modes
  • Low frequency stimulation to relieve muscle tension
  • Single channel device

*Do not use this device in combination with electronic implants such as pacemakers.

Additional Information

Gender Specific No

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