Orthaheel New Extended Slim Fit Medium


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M - Suits womens shoes: 8.5-10 AU


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The human foot was originally ‘designed’ to travel on soft, natural surfaces like earth and sand. Unfortunately, instead of soft earth we now spend every day walking and standing on natural hard, flat surfaces like pavements and floors.

These surfaces force our feet to roll over to gain ground contact and gradually flatten. Orthaheel is a patented biomechanical solution made from the highest grade materials and technology available to help realign the lower limbs through to the hips, to restore the feet and body back to a neutral position just as nature intended.

Designed to fit in all types of ladies fashion footwear including high heels -Helps relieve aches and pains that cause fatigue and stress* -2 degree inbuilt rear-foot control *Refers only to people that experience excess pronation when running or walking.


  • Designed to fit in all types of ladies fashion footwear including high heels
  • Supports the foot in its neutral position via a built in rear foot angle
  • Helps to align the metatarsals, which provides effective relief from the pain in the ball of the foot by distributing weight over the 5 metatarsal bones
  • Adhesive dot on the underside to help prevent orthotic from sliding around in the shoe

Size Chart - Orthaheel New Extended Slim Fit

  Women   Women
X Small 4.5-6 35.5-37 3.5-5
Small 6.5-8 37.5-39.5 5.5-7
Medium 8.5-10 40-42 7.5-9
Large 10.5-12 42.5-44 9.5-11



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