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Arginaid Orange 9.2g x14 powder is a fat free arginine supplement designed to promote wound healing. Suitable for oral or enteral use, it provides 0.15 calorie per mL.

It is recommended for chronic and slow to heal wounds (i.e. take more than 4-6 weeks to heal), pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, ulcers on legs and feet, cases of skin breakdown, various stasis ulcers and burn injury.

Nutritionally complete, it is also lactose free, does not contain gluten-containing ingredients, is Kosher certified, and suitable for vegans.

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Who should use Arginaid®?

Arginaid Orange 9.2g x14 is a fat free, low calorie arginine supplement designed to promote wound healing. It is a cheaper alternative than Arginaid® Extra, more versatile so it can be mixed into other food or beverages, and it is suitable for those who may need extra nutrients for wound healing without the extra calories. Two serves per day provides the required amount of 9g of L-arginine per day which is essential for wound healing.

How long does a wound take to heal when taking Arginaid®?

 Clinical research has shown that taking 2 Arginaid Orange 9.2g drinks per day can reduce the time needed to heal by up to 3 times (i.e. 5 weeks instead of 15 weeks).

Can Arginaid® be fed enterally? 

Yes, Arginaid Orange 9.2g is suitable for both oral and enteral use. It provides 0.15kcal/ml. For tube-feeding, mix one sachet with 120-180mls of warm water. Mix and administer by syringe down feeding tube.

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