Brauer Nyda Head Lice Treatment 50ml


NYDA & NYDA Plus head lice treatments are clear solutions, that contain 92% dimethicone, an ingredient used in hair conditioners, skin creams and other cosmetics. NYDA is used for the physical treatment of head lice infestation (Pediculus capitis), it’s properties allow it to penetrate deeply into the tiniest parts of the lice, larvae and also the egg’s breathing system, replacing the air. This then prevents the exchange of gases, and the louse – therefore regardless of how far it has developed – suffocates!

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What is it for?

Treatment of head lice. Killing and removal of nits and larvae.

Directions for use

Important: Use on dry hair

Step One: Take the bottle and place the applicator slightly slantwise at the centre parting of the hairline. Draw the applicator with caution along the scalp downwards.

Step Two: Massage the solution in well until the hair is completely wetted with the solution. This can be done using the lice comb.

Step Three: Leave NYDA Plus in the hair for an hour to ensure all the eggs have been eradicated.

Step Four: After 1 hour, NYDA Plus can be washed out with your usual shampoo. Repeat hair washing if any solution is left.

Re-check hair for newly acquired lice every 8-10 days.

Functional Components

Dimethicone dual formula (92%, high and low viscous).

Helpful hints

• Check hair regularly for head lice or nits

• Tie back long hair

• Don”t share combs or hair brushes

• Avoid head to head contact with anyone who may be suffering from head lice


(Does not contain neurotoxic ingredients)

  • 92% Dimethicone (functional components)
  • medium-chain triglycerides
  • jojoba wax
  • fragrances

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