Brauer Respatona Sore Throat Oral Spray 20mL


Brauer Respatona Sore Throat Oral Spray 20ml - For the symptomatic relief of sore throat.

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What is it for?

Contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the symptomatic relief of sore throat.

Helpful hints

  • Breathe through your nose.

  • Try gargling with warm salty water.

  • Avoid cold, dry air or cold fluids.

  • Rest your voice!


Adults: 4 sprays. Children 6-12 years: 2 sprays. Initially, spray under the tongue every half hour for 4 doses. Thereafter, 4 hourly until symptoms abate. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

Active Ingredients – Oral Spray

Contains equal parts of:
Ammonium causticum (Ammonia) 4C, Apis mellifica (Honey bee) 5C, Arsenicum album (Arsenic trioxide) 4C, Aurum metallicum (Gold) 5C, Belladonna (Deadly nightshade) 4C, Bryonia (White bryony) 3X, Echinacea angustifolia (Coneflower) 3C, Ferrum phosphoricum (Iron phosphate) 5C, Lachesis (Bushmaster venom) 6C, Mercurius solubilis (Hahnemann’s soluble mercury) 6C.

Homeopathic ingredients traditionally used for the above indications.

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