Brauer Saline Nasal Spray 30mL


Saline Nasal Spray is a saline solution that contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the relief of nasal congestion, mild hayfever, sneezing and symptoms of sinusitis.

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How to use

Adults: Administer 1 spray (120 μL) into each nostril every 4 hours. Shake the container before use.

Helpful Hints

Drink lots of fluid to stay hydrated and to help thin mucus

Ue saline products before eating and at night to help clear the nose and make yourself more comfortable

Ensure hands are washed regularly to prevent transmission of germs

Take a long hot shower as the steam will help to clear the nose

At night, prop yourself up with a couple of pillows to help make breathing easier

Active Ingredients

Each 1 mL contains sodium chloride 8 mg and 200 µL of each of the homeopathic ingredients: Allium cepa 4C, Calcium sulfide 6C, Potassium dichromate 6C, Potassium iodide 6C and Anemone pulsatilla 4C

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