Brauer Teething Relief 50ml


Brauer Baby Care Teething Relief is for the temporary relief of pain, discomfort and irritability caused by teething. Parents can feel confident in the knowledge that they can help to relieve their children’s discomfort using homeopathic ingredients that have been used for generations. All Brauer Baby Oral products have hygienic, measure droppers that are easy to give to your baby.

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What is it for?

Contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the temporary relief of the pain, discomfort and irritability of teething.

Helpful hints

  • Give your baby a refrigerated teething ring to chew on.

  • Gently massage your baby’s gums with your own little finger or with some ice.

  • Give your baby lots of extra cuddles and comfort.


Infants under 6 months: 0.5 mL. Infants 6 months and over: 1 mL. Give every half hour for up to 4 doses if required until symptoms abate. May be given 4 hourly thereafter. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

Active Ingredients – Oral Liquid

Each 2 mL dose contains 2 mcL of each of:
Aconitum nap. (Monkshood) 30C, Actaea spicata (Baneberry) 6C, Belladonna (Deadly nightshade) 30C, Chamomilla (German chamomile) 30C, Colocynthis (Bitter apple) 6C, Kreosotum (Creosote) 6C, Merc. sol. (Hahnemann’s soluble mercury) 6C, Nux vomica (Poison nut) 6C, Silicea (Silica) 6C.

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