Durex Featherlite Condoms 30s


If you want the sensation of riding bareback, you want to try the Durex Featherlite Condom

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This is a lubricated, ultra-fine condom designed for greater sensitivity. These are lubricated with a gentle, non-spermicidal lubricant and are made from hypo allergenic natural rubber latex. For extra comfort and peace of mind they have a reservoir end.

These are the thinnest condom in the Durex latex range – 20% thinner than the standard condom. However they still provide the same high level of reassurance and protection. They’re shaped to be easier to put on and provide a better, sleeker fit and feel duringsex.

You may have seen these condoms on the market for ages listed as Durex Thin Feel. The name has changed to Featherlite to convey the actual feeling of the product. If you look at all the ratings on the British Condoms website the common thread is that once you try these condoms everything else will feel too thick robbing you of sizzling sensations.

If you want to feel all the warmth and nuances your partner has to offer, definitely try the Durex Featherlite Condom.

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