Finacea Acne Gel 15% 30g


Finacea® is the first prescription gel approved by the FDA to treat the bumps, pimples and associated redness* of mild to moderate rosacea.

*Although some reduction of redness which was present in patients with bumps and pimples of rosacea occurred in clinical studies, treatment of redness in the absence of bumps and pimples has not been evaluated.

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Finacea Acne Gel 15% 30g

Finacea gel is a topical treatment for papulo-pustular rosacea and mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris.

Azelaic acid 150mg Benzoic acid 1mg Contained as preservative

1. Apply FINACEA®
Use it twice a day, everyday, or as directed by your dermatology healthcare professional. Skin irritation (itching, burning or stinging) may occur during the first few weeks of treatment.*

2. Care for your skin
Ask your dermatology healthcare professional about a skin care routine that may include moisturizer and sun protection.

3. Watch for improvement
12-week clinical studies with Finacea® have shown a significant improvement in bumps & pimples.

4. Follow up
Talk to your dermatology healthcare professional to see if you should continue using Finacea® to maintain results.

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