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LASH PRESCRIPTION gives you the look of false lashes, only with your real lashes! This potent peptide technology is clinically proven to visibly increase lash length and fullness by up to 46.26% in just 14 days and a lush 72.29% in just 42 days.

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Introducing Lash Prescription, clinically proven to increase the look of lashes by an incredible 72.29% in just 42 days!
In the most significant breakthrough in cosmetic lash enhancement since Helena Rubenstein invented the mascara wand, scientists have finally discovered a safe, effective peptide technology which has shown dramatic lash enhancing results in a matter of weeks. 

The discovery was so significant, for it won the prestigious PCHI award, for the most significant technology 2012. 

How can such dramatic results be achieved so quickly? The answer lies in the growth cycle of eyelashes.

Clinically proven longer looking lashes in just weeks
Imagine how you would look if your eyelashes looked twice as long and thick as they do right now. Scientists have finally discovered a way to make eyelashes look longer and thicker and results can be seen in as little as 14 days!

Lashes look longer fast
LASH PRESCRIPTION works so fast to increase lash length appearance, you can actually achieve longer looking lashes in just 2 weeks.

Really, 2 weeks is all it takes with LASH PRESCRIPTION and you will see a dramatic increase in the look of lashes.

Sparse lashes look filled in. Short, stubbly lashes look longer. Normal lashes look extraordinarily long, dark and lusciously thick.

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