FreezeFrame Stretch Marks Eraser


Introducing Stem Cell STRETCH MARK ERASER Bi Phase Dry Body Oil. Clinically proven to reduce even the most stubborn stretch marks by up to 94%

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Introducing Stem Cell STRETCH MARK ERASER, clinically proven to reduce visible stretch marks in just 2 short weeks!

The research behind these two medical breakthroughs has led to the development of a topical treatment which utilizes cosmetic technologies which mimic these visual changes in the skin. Building on the knowledge that your skin is the biggest resevior for stem cells in your body, Stem Cell STRETCH MARK ERASER harnesses the power of your own adipose derived stem cells with it’s powerful StemStim technology™. At the same time, powerful skin relaxing peptides visibly reduce the appearance of tension, puckering and pulling resulting in clearer, smoother looking skin.

Results in just 2 weeks

Imagine reducing the darkness and redness of stretch marks by more than half in just 14 days… These results, plus more than 30% reduction in visible length and width are just the beginning. 

If you suffer from stretch marks, you know the pain and embarrassments of those ugly red rip marks in your skin. They can look like you’ve had a cat fight with a sabre tooth tiger – and lost. 

But even if the redness fades, the embarrassment doesn’t leave with it as you are left with those silver white tell-tale beacons which never seem to fade away… 

That’s where things get interesting as in fact: it is the longer term results that had researchers stunned when they saw the results from the clinical trial.

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