Giovene Scar Gel 15g


Giovene specialised scar formula

  • Clinically proven specialised scar formula
  • softens, flattens and lightens scars, helping to reduce the appearance of the scar
  • contains an innovative cyclic and polumeric siloxanes (CPX technology)
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Giovene dries to form a thin, transparent, flexible, gas-permeable and water resistant silicone sheet which adheres to the skin. It is unversally recognised that silicone gel occludes and hydrates the area of application, which helps to reduce the appearnce of scrs. Silicone gels are recommended as the current gold standard option for hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Giovene is suitable for use on scars that result from

  • surgry or accidents (cuts, burns, scratches, abrasions) on the face and body

Initional improvement in scars may be observed after 8 weeks of continued use. Continuos usage for 3-6 onths is required to appreciate the full benegfit of Giovene.


Directions for use:


1. Place a 1/2 cm amount of Giovene on the tip of your finger and apply to clean, dry or intact scars( 1/2 cm of gel is sufficient for a 15cm scar)- adjust quantity depending on size of scar


2. Spread Giovene in one direction 1-2 times- do not rub back and forth


3. Allow 2 minutes for Giovene to dry. Once dry you can apply cosmetics, moisturiser or sunscreen if required


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