Hamilton Aquae Dry Mouth Spray 25ml


For the easy and quick relief from dryness of the mouth or throat. Developed to moisten the mucosa of the mouth, tongue and throat, retaining moisture for 1 to 2 hours. Aquae? works by replacing natural saliva when the body is not producing enough. Ideal for when you need to chew or speak. It helps improve adherence of dentures in patients suffering from dryness of the mouth and in relieving unpleasant tastes in the mouth. Ideal if you suffer from dry mouth at night with the spray making application easy.

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Aquae replaces and supplements natural saliva production in times of dry mouth caused by the ageing process, anxiety and depression, medication, radiation therapy of the head and neck, illness, constant speaking and nervousness (eg public speaking) Refreshes and moisturises the mouth Relieves unpleasant tastes in the mouth Aids speaking, chewing and swallowing Aids in improving adherence of dentures Aids sleeping pH balanced to 6.0-6.5 Free from sugar, gluten and alcohol Use as often as required Suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation Aquae Spray is ideal for use during the day Supported by Sensitive Choice – See more at: http://www.yourdiscountchemist.com.au/hamiltons-aquae-dry-mouth-spray-25ml.html#sthash.s9n57Kxj.dpuf

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