Hopes Relief Soap Free Cleansing Bar 110g


Hope’s Relief Cleansing Bar has been formulated to cleanse and moisturise sensitive skin without irritating it. A soap free alternative that restores the normal pH balance of the skin.

More than half of all children, from newborns to 17 year olds, have sensitive skin that’s easily irritated, yet almost 70% of children continue to wash with standard soap products.Hope’s Relief Cleansing Bar is suitable for dry itchy and irritated skin conditions. Gentle enough to use on the face and bodies of babies, infants, children and adults.

100% free from perfumes, No sodium laurel sulphate, No artificial colours.

The Hope’s Relief Cleansing Bar is an integral part of the Hopes Relief Skincare range.

The Hope’s Relief Cleansing Bar has been formulated to work with the Hopes Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream. To obtain maximum benefits for your skin it is recommended that they are used together.

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Ideal to use with itchy, dry or sensitive skins. 

Hope’s Relief Cleansing Bar is a different SOAP FREE BAR. A blend of gentle and nourishing cleansers for your skin. With triple moisturisers to help sooth any itchy dry skin and helps keep moisture in your skin

Experts tell us not to use soap on our babies and especially not on sensitive or irritated skins. 

Our Cleansing Bar doesn’t strip any oil or moisture from your skin when cleansing, making it ideal for babies and sensitive skin. 

Why do I need a “soap free” bar? 

Chemicals and additives used in some soaps to “clean” your body could irritate and aggravate already sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Normal soaps are high alkaline which can strip moisture and oil from your skin. This dries out the skin, affects the skin barrier and further irritates sensitive skin. 

What does “soap free” mean in our bar? 

Our bar is pH balanced to the skin, no fragrances, no chemicals, no irritation so moisture and oils aren’t stripped from the skin. Our bar helps soothe, moisturise and relieve itchy dry sensitive skin. 

Why is the pH 5.5 important? 

Normal skin has the balance of moisture and oils and is slightly acidic at 4.5 – 5.7 pH. A lot of soaps have a pH of 9-12 which can affect the skins barrier function. Our soap free bar is balanced to 5.5pH the same as skin to help maintain moisture and oils. 

PLUS enriched with 3 Active natural ingredients 

•   Calendula

•   Manuka Honey 

•   Aloe Vera 

Directions: Wet skin and use the cleansing bar normally. Rinse, pat skin gently to dry. Use with every wash instead of soap. 


Instructions for use:Apply to wet skin in shower/bath

Storage & Disposal:Store below 30 Degrees Celsius

Warnings:External use only

Product Type:Soap

Treatment:Sensitive Skin

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