iWhite Instant Dark Stains Teeth Whitening Kit 10 Pack

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up to 8 shades whiter

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iWhite Dark Stains is a professional teeth whitening kit for instant results, up to 8 shades whiter, after just one application.

Formulated with activated charcoal to help neutralize dark stains caused by lifestyle factors such as coffee, wine and even tobacco.

iWhite Dark Stains is a?Hydrogen Peroxide free, easy to use, at home teeth whitening treatment.

iWhite Dark Stains is composed of 10 pre-filled, individually packed and one-size fits-all trays. No need to clean or boil mouthpieces, mess with syringes or brushes, measure gel or use special toothpastes or rinses.

These trays contain a new, revolutionary whitening gel which has been clinically proven to be dental safe and instantly effective. Thanks to dark pigment adsorption technology, this innovative whitening system provides an immediate natural whitening effect. The anti-stain formula effectively helps to prevent the formation of new stains by influencing the adhesion of the dark pigments on the tooth surface.

Each treatment should be worn for 20 minutes for instant results that are up to 8 shades whiter. The product can be used more than once a day or for 5 consecutive days for even more astonishing results, but you can also use it once in a while whenever you feel it is necessary.


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