Lucas PaPaw 25g x6


Lucas Paw Paw 25g x6 is for cracked lips, chaffing, nappy rash, dry skin and many other uses.

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Lucas Papaw Ointment may be used as a local topical application on the following.

? Abscesses ?Boils ? Bruises ? Burns
? Carbuncles ? Chafings ? Cuts ? Cysts
? Dry and Cracked skin on hands and feet
? Gravel rash ? Heat rash ? Insect stings
? Mosquito bites ? Open wounds ? Pimples
? Scalds Sunburn ? Swelling associated with injury
? Splinters and thorns ? Tinea ? Whitlow
? Nappy Rash and Cracked Nipples
? Temporary relief of the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema
? Temporary relief of the discomfort of haemorrhoids by local application.

Papaw or Papaya we all know as a delicious fruit, but the beneficial qualities of Papaw greatly aid the skin.

Lucas Paw paw Ointment is made in Australia from pure papaws.

Lucas Papaw Ointment cleans away infectious wastes. Papaw contains Papain which helps clean wounds.

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