Lucas PaPaw Oint 15g


Lucas Paw Paw Oint 15g is a local topical application for boils, bums, chafing, cuts, cracked skin gravel, rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bite and nappy rash.

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Lucas Paw Paw Oint 15g is a  quality product requires quality ingredients. 

Carica Papaya 39mg/g Fresh Fermented Fruit

The papaya used in Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is Queensland grown fresh fruit.

The fruit is received fresh to our factory in Brisbane where we ferment it under strictly controlled conditions. Every item of fruit we use is hand selected. Once the fruit is fermented to just the right level we can use it to make the ointment. The finished product contains 0.1mg/g of Potassium Sorbate which acts as a preservative.

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