Omron HJ325 Walking Style Pocket Pedometer


The Omron HJ325 Walking Style Pedometer uses the highly accurate 3D Smart sensor technology (accelerometer). Easy to use, so simple to set up and all your step information right at your finger tips.

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This small, mighty and very accurate walking style pocket pedometer features the Omron advanced 3D smart sensor technology. Easy to use, so simple to set up and all your step information right at your finger tips. 

Features of the Walking Style Omron HJ325 pocket pedometer with 7 day memory

  • Great step accuracy: Due to using a Tri-Axis (3D) technology, it allows you to place the pedometer wherever it’s most comfortable. 
  • Very wearable: Steps will be measured accurately whether positioned in a pocket, around your neck or in a handbag / backpack.
  • Auto Stride: This new feature makes the set-up a breeze because the HJ325 pedometer automatically calculates your stride based on your height and weight inputs.
  • Four Tracking Modes: To motivate you to go a little further every day, the HJ325 tracks normal steps, aerobic “brisk” steps, distance and calories burned.
  • Automatic Reset: Your ‘daily step slate’ gets wiped clean at midnight and goes into memory, which means tracking daily steps and distance is automatic and easy.
  • 7-Day Memory: The Hj325 walking style pedometer stores up to seven days of information so you can keep track of your  progress over time.

Additional features that may interest you:

  • For the real oldies amongst us – this unit has the ability to measure in imperial too (miles and inches). Just choose Metric (km & kg) or Imperial during set up.
  • It has  a clock function (24hrs)
  • An activity mode:  Which allows you to measure a walking workout for a specified session.
  • Aerobic step mode which is awesome: Aerobic steps can be viewed separately when walking more than 60 steps per minute and for more than 10 minutes successively. Great feature if you are walking for weight loss or to improve your  fitness level.
  • Step filter: To ensure the accuracy of your step count the HJ325 won’t start counting steps until you have walked 4 seconds continuously, this eliminates most non-step movements.
  • Battery compartment: At long last Omron have come to the party and made the change of the battery so much easier, no more fiddly optical screwdrivers, all you have to do is flip a switch to unlock the battery compartment.
  • Last but no means least, my favourite feature: The little icon man that jumps up and down when you have reached 10,000 steps within a day. Simple but very cute and motivating too!


  • Weighs: 23g (incredibly light)
  • Dimensions:  42 (W) x 57 (H) x 13 (D) mm
  • Battery:  Button Cell Battery CR2032
  • Battery Life:  Around 6 months (when used for 14 hours a day)
    Please note: The supplied battery with the unit is for trial use. This battery may run out within the 6 months.

Measurement range

  • Steps: 0 – 99,999 steps
  • Distance: 0.0 – 999.9km (0.0 – 621 miles) 
  • Calories: 0 – 59,999 kcal
  • Aerobic Step: 0 – 99,999
  • Time: 0.00 – 23.59

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