Orthaheel Shock Absorber Small


A full orthotic which relieves pain associated with the heel, ankle, knee and for some, lower back. Womens Size 7-8 AU, Mens Shoe Size 6-7 AU

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Scholl Orthaheel is a range of orthotic inserts that fit into everyday shoes. They were invented by leading podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and are the result of extensive clinical and consumer research. Their unique patented design naturally repositions the foot, enabling the feet, ankles and legs to function as they should. By re-aligning the feet, ankles and therefore correcting body posture, Scholl Orthaheel orthotics can also provide natural relief from many foot problems as well as knee pain, tired aching legs and for some, positive effects on lower back pain. Orthaheel Workforce is ideal for people on their feet all day. Made from high quality man-made materials. You’ll feel the difference in just 30 days.

Wearing in Orthaheel orthotics may take a few days, as your feet may need to become accustomed to them. If any discomfort occurs, remove them for one or two hours, then wear them again until comfortable. To clean, simply wipe with a warm soapy cloth.

Size Chart – Orthaheel Shock Absorber

                           US/AU EUR UK
  Men Women   Men Women
Small 6-7 7-8 39-40 5-6.5 5.5-7
Medium 8-9 9-10 41-42 7-8.5 7.5-9
Large 10-12 11-13 43-45 9-10.5 9.5-11
X Large 13-14 46-48 11-12.5

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