Piksters Size 3 40 Pack Yellow

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Piksters Interdental brushes are small circular toothbrushes that you insert into the spaces between your teeth to clean the difficult areas. They are generally used for normal cleaning, sometimes as an alternative to floss and sometimes as an adjunct to floss. They are much easier to use, especially under bridges and around implants. They can also be used under orthodontic wires or between splinted teeth that can’t be flossed and anywhere a toothbrush cannot reach.

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Piksters Size 3 40 Pack Yellow
Generally speaking, use larger sizes for back teeth and the small ones for the front teeth. For back teeth, use the biggest size you can comfortably get in as it will provide a more thorough cleaning action and suppress the gum from growing up excessively in between your teeth. Such excessive growth can cause a natural food and plaque trap which leads to a self degenerating situation.

IMPORTANT – Please Note: All interdental brushes, toothpicks and sticks can put pressure on the tip of the gum, especially if you force it, or use a brush that is too big for the space.

This can cause a slight re-shaping of the gum over time. This is generally good for back teeth but most people like the look of the small triangle of gum growing inbetween their front teeth. Therefore, use the smallest size around your smile area in order to ensure a gentle cleaning action on these cosmetically sensitive areas, or if in doubt use floss instead.

Note that you will do no harm if the gum reshapes slightly – it is just a minor cosmetic issue. If you are not worried about the cosmetics, use any size that you can comfortably get in between your teeth.

Caution – Although you can bend the wire for easier access into back teeth areas, do not bend the wire back and forth too often as it will weaken the wire and eventually cause it to break…sometimes in as little as 5 bends.

If it does break and leave the brush piece in between your teeth, use your fingers to remove it or use another brush to push it out.

Piksters interdental brushes will last you between 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on which brand you use and how hard you work it.


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