Sustagen Instant Pudding Vanilla 420g


Sustagen Instant Pudding Vanilla 420g makes a great tasting change to drink based supplements:

  • Easy to prepare – no cooking required, sets in 2 minutes at room temperature
  • Tastes great
  • Versatile – can be added to recipes or fruit
  • Can be used to thicken food and drinks
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The thick consistency of Sustagen Instant Pudding Vanilla 420g makes it appropriate for people with swallowing problems (Dysphagia). It can be made into 3 different textures:

  • Pudding(Extremely Thick, Level 900)
  • Honey (Moderately Thick, Level 400)
  • Nectar (Mildly Thick, Level 150)

Mixing Instructions

Scoop included in every can

Mix 57g (3 rounded tablespoons) of Sustagen Instant Pudding Vanilla 450g with a 150mL(pudding consistency), 200mL(honey consistency) or 250mL(nectar consistency) in a glass of water (or juice/milk).

Prepared Sustagen Instant Pudding Vanilla 450g should be consumed as soon as prepared. Discard uneaten portion. Storage may affect consistency textures.

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