Thermoskin Foot Stabiliser Orthosis FSO


The Foot Stabilising Orthosis (FSO) is a soft foot thermal orthosis designed to prevent and treat foot injuries and pain. By having a vice effect and maintaining the midfoot between the hind and forefoot the Foot Stabilising Orthosis (FSO) will maintain the foot bones together, maintain the natural articulations of the foot substitute diseased or ruptured foot ligaments and provide compression and support to minimise the pain associated with mid-foot injuries.

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Thermoskin Foot Stabiliser Orthosis FSO
 This is an ideal alternative to the traditional treatments of casting, walking boots, immobilization, taping, medication or surgery. The Foot Stabilising Orthosis (FSO) fits comfortably in a shoe, is adjustable and easy to apply unlike other costly, cumbersome or patient intolerant methods.

Injury List:

• Mid-foot sprains

• Jones fracture (undisplaced)

• Metatarsal fracture (undisplaced)

• Post operative foot surgery to maintain and provide compression

• Preventative sport injuries of the foot/ankle

• General mid-foot pain

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