Information on common and popular vitamins & supplements.

  • Vitamin A
    It's great for vision, immune function, skin and cellular health.
  • Vitamin B Complex
    There are 8 types of vitamin B. They are good to increase rate of metabolism, maintain a healthy skin, hair and muscle tone, promote cell growth.
  • Vitamin C
    This is essential for a healthy diet. Good for immune system and act as antioxidant. 
  • Vitamin D
    Good for bone health, prevent weak muscular system and bone disorder. 
  • Vitamin E
    This vitamin promotes healing and it is a strong antioxidant. It's good for cell growth, 
  • Vitamin K
    It's good for blood clotting when there is an open wound. It's also an anti-inflammatory, improve bone health and prevent bone related disorder.
  • Omega 3
    Usually found in fish oil, it is an essential fatty acid. Helps reduce the risk of heart disease and assist in maintaining eye and brain function.
  • Krill Oil
    Made from a species of krill, this supplement has three important nutrients: Omega-3, Marine Lecithin and Antioxidant.
  • Glucosamine
    Provides temporary relief from pain and joint inflammation, increases mobility and flexibility. 

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