Michel Mercier Pastel Combo Brush Set

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This set contains two detangling brushes, one for home and one for on the go. The full size model (with handle) is your daily detangling essential, while the smaller travel version is the perfect size for your handbag or toiletries bag. Ideal for fast and painless detangling on the run.

The secret to this innovative brush lies in the unique geometric distribution of its bristles of varying heights, which disperse the pressure placed on the hair during brushing.

This brush is available in three colour-coded models to suit the needs for fine, normal and thick hair

Full Size Brush:

428 Bristles
32 Varying Bristle Heights
16 Different Bristle Widths and Locations

Travel Size Brush:

244 Bristles
12 Varying Bristle Heights
6 Different Bristle Widths and Locations




Introducing the Ultimate Hair Brush

Quick Detangling Gently massages the scalp while brushing

Pleasant brushing

Works great on wet or dry hair

Reduced hair loss and breakage

Promotes shiny hair

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Hair Type

Fine, Normal, Thick


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